Hello Bill, You may be one of the many that will have to wait for Windows 7 to be released so these vendors can make sure that it is not the driver support. Awesome – Thanks Alex for sending the Issue to Microsoft for review. I spent several hours with both Dell and Adaptec Technical Support troubleshooting this issue. Just in case you didn’t know Another may be to modify drivers.

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Right up to XP virtually any hardware could be used. A Pit Bull is like a gun you can pet. Bill Billmire – bbillmire at hotmail dot com. Thursday, Adxptec 29, 4: I am deeply unimpressed with the hardware support in modern versions of Windows.

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Thanks again – If you hear of anyone getting this scenario to work – I’d appreciate the feedback Of course, there may still be issues with the driver on down the road First I’d try those older xp or vista drivers if you have a 32 bit OS. But since you can not get it installed i will submit feedback giving them all the information you just posted up.


I have a couple of old CD-ROM drives including a quad speed Toshiba tray loader that I find can read damaged discs that modern fast drives reject. I was told by Adaptec that they were not going to write drivers for Vista, because SCSI would be gone in another 5 years. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site.

As well as let you know if there are any other options available. Monday, July 6, I don’t even get my answer. None of the drivers work when booting from the DVD. Well Adaptec and Microsoft, my company scanners run on scsi, and I don’t have the money to go out and purchase new high end scanners that run off of usb just because you don’t want to write drivers for your software.

Notice that your devoted customers are converting over to Linux or sticking with XP?

Well, I vksta know who is dumbed down more, your writers or your customers. The install doesn’t ‘see’ the SCSI controller. Net and its accuracy. Or dual boot to some MS OS that can support it. Friday, January 16, 9: Sorry to say but most of my interaction with Dell and a couple other vendors like Creative have said the same thing. I was able to install 32bit n driver for windows 7 x86 but unable to locate a 64bit driver for win 7 64bit.


So, I’m going am having to replace them with something more modern and put together a second machine using the old hardware for recovering damaged discs.

Just installed the Adaptec lp driver from the Win subdirectory after unzipping the file linked by calibra69 below. Another is to dual boot with an OS that can use it.

Adaptec SCSI 2100S

Thursday, January 29, 7: Glad i could at least submit the feedback for you. This did not work for me.

Failed to create a new partition on the selected unused space. I have tried several drivers from the Adaptec site, as well as the one I am currently using for win2k3. That it was not the hardware fault but the fault of something in Windows 7.

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