I have considered talking to apple about it but am loathe to give up my machine for any period of time since its my main work machine. Is it a complicated process? I’m using an Apple Cinema HD 23″ display though, so perhaps it’s related to his display. BTW – a flashed PC model user above said he applied it without any issues. I recently bought a mac pro and am thinking about removing the existing video card and installing a pci express pc video card the Radeon.

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Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Apple Mac Pro ATI Radeon X1900XT 512MB

Not sure what firmware version is in your card but Apple system profiler agi show the version and EFI driver version. I have not had a problem with a scrambled display in bootcamp.

Yes – Theodore C. BTW – a flashed PC model user above said he applied it without any issues. X on Quad 3GHz, Sep 22, 3: As I’ve been reading these posts, I haven’t seen anyone yet who has radeeon installed a Windows version of the XT and seen it work on the Mac side.

Used to get a 1 pixel horizontal line on my 30in cinema from time-to-time and not oos in the same place. Here’s more info on what I am referring to: I can erase the artifacts with a white window OR setting my screens to a lower resolution.


Is it a complicated process? Please follow the instructions in the updater application to complete the process. I suspect Apple needs better drivers for this card.

ATI Radeon X1900 XT Firmware Update

And there can be differences in the power connector. There is no real repeatable thing that makes it crop up, as far as I can tell its random, and is definitely not heat z since games do not seem to be causing any artifacting or such.

My warranty expires in less than 15 days For the record I bought my machine August ‘ If all you were going to be using this box for was Windows, on the other hand, you could possibly get this to work, assuming that the power s1900 issue is easily resolved the XT requires an extra power connector. I’m running XP with a 30 inch Apple cinema display.

Feedback on Mac ATI X XT Firmware Update

You might want to leave well enough alone anyway if you’re not seeing any issues – but the page I linked to has a download link for it also. Not sure if you’re ever heard of this problem, but I figured I would raeeon it some in case this crops up with other readers. I will report back in a few days after I have time to see if the shimmering effect has gone away or not, since its so sporadic.


Hopefully if one of your readers has found a solution to this problem they can share it with me. Required restart to refresh. I’m not having any issues and no one has really radeoh any benefits so I’ll leave it as is.

ATI XXT is still viable in Mavericks | MacRumors Forums

I will check my firmware version later tonight. I recently bought a mac pro and radwon thinking about removing the existing video card and installing a pci express pc video card the Radeon. Did the QS show the same issue?

I haven’t tried switching to the other DVI port or using the VGA cable, mostly because I can’t be bothered to try since the problem is so minor and sporadic. I’m hopeful that this fixed the problem, but I will have to wait and see if the good reboots continue. User profile for user: So be careful with radeoj the new XT Firmware. The camera simply for the fact that it is pretty terrible and the pixels on the screen were too small for it to really show.

Posted on Sep 22, The Rom was updated to the.