Reseat the memor y , or replace with. Lenov o plans to transition to RoHS complianc e well bef ore the. If a Po wer-On P assword or an administrator passwor d has been set,. Be sure to r ead all caution and danger statements in this book befor e. Impor tant Safety Information

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CsKbd Las – Keyboards Internal. Place the new motherboar d into the chassis, aligning the scr ew holes.

Lenovo Ideacentre B5 B Hmm User Manual Idea Centre ハードウェア保守マニュアル All in One (ideacentre)

T o replac e the bluetooth module:. Remove the 19 scr ews that secure the EMI c over t o the chassis and lift. Pull the WLAN card upward to r emove it fr om the card port.

Slide the hard disk drive ba y back into position. Loosen the scr ew that secures the optical drive to the chassis. Loosen the scr ew that secures the hard disk drive bay to the chassis. If an elec trical accident occurs: Names or marks lg cer tain companies mentioned jme8002b the manuals included. T he mat is especially useful when handling ESD-sensitive.


Lenovo Ideacentre B5 B520 Hmm User Manual Idea Centre ハードウェア保守マニュアル All In One (ideacentre)

jmee8002b I nsulation must not be fray ed or worn. By using the Setup Utilit y pr ogram, you can set passw ords to pr event. Ram Rmtkf48e7f Ddr 1Gbram – Mem Automatic P ower-On features Any comput er par t c ontaining transistors or integr ated circuits ICs.

CsKbd Por – Keyboards Internal. Lif t up the speaker system. This guide addresses only those items.

A V-IN ports Selec ted models only. Select the desired star tup device fr om the Startup Device M enu and.

Lenovo Part Numbers List on Page 52

Selecting a star tup device fr om the Star tup Devic e menu does. Setting, changingand deleting a Administra tor passwor d. Slide the back deco into position. Dispose of the battery as required by local or dinances or regula tions. System can not c onnect.

Lenovo Computer Hardware, IT Hardware Catalog by Page 86

Smar t car d connector. Remove the c omputer stand. A password can be an y combination of up to 64 characters a-z Disconnect the def ective mous e cable fr om the c omputer a nd connect. None of the manuals included with y our.


Remove the computer cov er. Obser v e the follo wing rules when working on elec trical equipment. S ta temen t Jme002b. Lift up the chassis gently and disconnect the 2 cables from the LED.